San Saba Small Business Feature: Bard & Hallow

There has always been something special about the small community of San Saba, but in September of 2021, a true gem came to town. A unique couple, fittingly named the Harts, cut the ceremonial ribbon on a new downtown business – Bard & Hallow. The young antique store quickly became a center for ornate period pieces and engaging conversation. In only seven months, the business has attracted collectors from across the state and become an alluring destination in the Texas Hill Country.

Meet the Owners

The journey of how Bard & Hallow came to be is a tale of passion, entrepreneurial redirection, and serendipity. After undergoing years of sleepless nights and stressful nine-to-five environments, Logan and Uriah J. Hart looked inward for a dream they could pursue together. Throwing caution to the wind, the Harts started acquiring precious antiquities in hopes of starting a retail business. 

“We are country folk at our deepest core.” 

Uriah J. Hart

It was around this same time in 2019 that the couple drove through San Saba on their way to a semi-annual New Mexico trip. Smitten by the Christmas lights and soft glow of the town, the couple flirted with the idea of a simpler, tranquil life. “Maybe we’ll move here someday,” said Logan with yearning eyes. Both of the Harts had been raised in smaller communities – Logan from a ranch family in the Oak Hill Austin area, and Uriah from a small homestead in Palmer, Alaska – so it was no surprise that the craving for rural living grew stronger and stronger. Finally, in 2021, the time had come to depart from their home in San Antonio. Without much discussion, the couple envisioned San Saba and quickly put city life in their rearview mirror. It was the following day they arrived in the Pecan Capital of the World and were greeted by a “Please Lease Me” sign on the doors of what would soon become Bard & Hallow. 

Ornate Antiques

The name Bard & Hallow stemmed from each owner’s internal disposition. After a career in marketing, Uriah developed a true inclination for words, and those who’ve had the pleasure of meeting him can attest to his poetic elegance. Logan, on the other hand, had obtained a history of divine education and missionary work. Just like that, with the union of Bard & Hallow, an admirable collection of antiques, and a recently purchased storefront, the Harts’ dreams came to fruition! 

Bard & Hallow caters to an eclectic western market. Clients are met by an impressive array of heirlooms from the Gothic, Classical, and Colonial Eras with European, South American, and Indian influences. A rotating inventory of classical art, ornate furniture, brass statues, leather goods, cherub depictions, priceless jewelry, and homemade candles keep antique collectors coming back for more and more. Not only are the products beautiful, but the store itself “emanates moods of cognac cigar, savannah moss, warm lighting, and western grit,” said Uriah, creating a unique environment for any visitor.

The Future is Bright

San Saba’s community could not have been more encouraging and supportive throughout the journey of bringing Bard & Hallow to life. Logan and Uriah feel “extremely blessed” to have been welcomed into town. With aspirations of expansion, they look forward to what the future may hold, but for now, Bard & Hallow will be run with the mission of being one of the finest antique and salvage businesses in the South. 

“We are thankful just to be, love, and acquire new pieces of human history every single day.” 

Uriah J. Hart

To the travelers who find themselves in the Texas Hill Country, make sure a visit to Bard & Hallow is on your bucket list. In the meantime, connect with them on social media under the username @bardandhallow.