While competing against 2,000 international entries, Oliver Pecan Company had the pleasure of reminding the country why San Saba is the Pecan Capital of the World! 

With so much innovation lately, every time you visit the grocery store, you find a new product you can’t wait to try, like Korean barbecue sauce, a carrot cake protein bar, or maple syrup-flavored ice cream! There are so many new products, it can be hard to keep up with, but that is exactly the job of the Specialty Food Association (SFA). 


Who is the Specialty Food Association?

Founded in 1952 to foster trade, commerce, and interest in the specialty foods trade; the SFA now represents manufacturers, importers, retailers, distributors, brokers, and nearly everyone else in the supply chain. For 70 years, it has been the leading source of information about the industry which has grown over $22 billion in just two years to reach a total valuation of $170.4 billion in 2022. 

The SFA educates and connects people to the specialty food industry by hosting a Winter and a Summer Fancy Food Show. Attendees total over 34,000 and come from all over the world to learn what products have newly entered the market, which products dominate in popularity, and new trends to follow. The SFA also publishes the Specialty Food Magazine, which reaches 50,000 individuals every business day.

Lastly, the SFA produces the Sofi Awards which honor creativity and taste across 53 varying food categories. Gold, Silver, Bronze, and New Product winners are announced in the spring and highlighted at both Fancy Food Shows. This year, taking home the award for New Product in the Nut and Other Oils category was our very own Oliver Pecan Company with their innovative 100% Pure and Natural Cold Pressed Pecan Oil

What is Oliver Pecan Company’s Pecan Oil?


Oliver Pecan’s pecan oil is the perfect addition to your kitchen! Like extra virgin olive oil, pecan oil is pressed without the use of chemicals, solvents, or extreme heat. Pecan Oil captures the natural, buttery flavor of pecans and is one of the healthiest cooking oils on the market due to its low saturated fat content. While acting as natural fuel for the body, pecan oil can help improve the health of your heart, skin, hair, and cholesterol levels.

As if the health benefits weren’t enough, pecan oil is also one of the most versatile culinary oils. It is perfect for searing and sautéing or acting as an incredible substitute for butter. Whether you bake, drizzle, or dip, pecan oil can be used in every recipe! 

“We are honored that our Pecan Oil has won the New Product Award. As a company, we have made it a focus of ours to develop products so that nothing goes to waste. The pecan oil started as a zero-waste project that has turned into one of our most exciting products! With health benefits and culinary versatility, we believe the sky is the limit for pecan oil.” 

  • Holt Oliver, head of production for pecan oil


What are the Benefits of Winning a Sofi?

The Sofi Award is a recognized symbol of excellence and innovation in specialty food and beverages. When you win a Sofi Award, you get the full support of the SFA to help drive awareness and demand for your products. Previous winners have reported substantial increases in retail store foot traffic and even greater increases in online sales. They have connected with new and major retailers and buyers who have in turn distributed their products to much larger audiences. And many have even been introduced to very prominent publications, such as Oprah Magazine, thus growing exponentially in popularity. 

“This is the recognition of our creativity, dedication to the industry, and hard work to keep the consumer engaged. Winning a sofi is the highest reward you can receive and it validates everything you do every day.”

  • Paolo Volpati-Kedra, BC Gourmet USA, Inc., 2017 Winner


The full list of benefits awarded to Sofi winners can be found here


We could not be more proud of Oliver Pecan Company. San Saba has always known the value of your products but now the world can join in the celebration of your success! 


The full list of Sofi winners are listed here, but a few examples of other New Product winners include:

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Bread – Wake-N-Bagel Raisin-Cinnamon Bagels

Hot Sauce – Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce by African Dream Foods

Juices – Natalie’s Guava Lemonade by Orchid island Juice Company

Meat and Poultry – Black Truffle Salami by Fabrique Delices

Salsas & Dips – Romesco Dip/Sauce/Spread by Ronda’s Fine Foods

Seafood – Togarashi Smoked Salmon by Acme Smoked Fish Corp.

Sweeteners – Creamed Chocolate Pomegranate Honey by HoneyGramz

Waters – Bee’s Water Organic by Heno Group Corp.