The weather is warming up, the sun is coming out, and the bluebonnets are beginning to bloom! Soon, Texans will be hitting the road to find and take pictures with these beautiful flowers. Are you among those planning a road trip this Spring? If so, you’re probably focused on the Texas Hill Country.


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The Texas Hill Country’s Wildflowers

This famous region is best known for its rolling hills, charming wineries, and wildflowers. Every Spring, Texans drive to the Hill Country to see the beautiful Texas Bluebonnets, Winecups, Maximilian sunflowers, and other native florals. Be on the lookout for these flowers on your trip.


Texas Bluebonnets

The Texas state flower is the main attraction for those wildflower hunting in the Spring. In fact, many families wait to do their annual photos for the Springtime so they can find a great patch of bluebonnets to pose next to. These blue and deep purple flowers completely fill the fields of the Texas Hill Country in what seems like a matter of days. In reality, these flowers actually begin to germinate around November and then pop up quickly under the right weather conditions in the Spring.



Winecup flowers resemble, fittingly for the region, a wine glass! Their light purple color and shape make them look like a glass of red Texas wine. If the state has experienced a drier season, have no fear. These flowers are resistant to droughts, so they are some of the most reliable wildflowers of the bunch.


Pink Evening Primrose

Pink Evening Primroses, also known as Pink Ladies, are light to dark pink in color. What makes spotting these special is that they only bloom for one day each. So, if you come across a patch of these delicate flowers, make sure to snap a photo with them!


Maximilian Sunflowers

Across Central Texas, you will likely see patches of what look like mini sunflowers on the side of the road. These are actually Maximilian Sunflowers! They can grow up to six feet tall, making them one of the tallest Texas wildflowers.


Texas Thistle

The Texas Thistle is another bright pink to light purple flower that you will see across the state (minus the drier panhandle). These range in height, from two to six feet tall, and can have prickly leaves, so beware!


If you’re planning on joining in on the tradition of looking for these wildflowers, you’ll need a great place to stop by on your road trip. There is seemingly an endless supply of enchanting towns in this region, but the area around San Saba is home to some of the best wildflower fields.


San Saba, Texas and Its Surrounding Towns

San Saba is at the top of the Texas Hill Country and is home to amazing shopping, rich history, and, of course, Texas wildflowers. As you drive throughout our region, you will see some of the brightest bluebonnets and wildflowers in the state. Location-wise, our small town is about 110 miles north of Austin, making it a quiet, peaceful place that’s great for longer travel plans or day trips. Let’s discuss what our beautiful town has to offer to tourists.


Where to Stay in San Saba

If you’re planning on staying in San Saba overnight, we have some excellent places to stay. First, the Dofflemyer Hotel is one of the most popular tourist places due to its historic building and country inn feel. It’s also right in the middle of our downtown, so it’s a perfect location. Not to mention, it’s right above Oliver and Co. Coffee and down the street from Pecan House Grill and Wedding Oak Winery for when you start and end your day!


Also in the heart of downtown is Burnham’s Lodging. This hotel is right on our town square, directly across from the courthouse. If you’re looking for some places that are a bit tucked away, Aunt M’s Illustrated Inn is a great option. It’s a few blocks away from the town square, offering a tranquil bed-and-breakfast-style stay.

San Saba River Nature Park

This 38-acre park is home to many species of Texas wildflowers and pecan trees. It’s a great spot if you’re tired of sitting from road-tripping all afternoon with its walking and biking trails. We have found it’s a great spot to read or relax on a bench watching the birds. You will also come across some rivers for fishing and historical markers explaining the story of San Saba.

Downtown San Saba

Looking forward to some shopping during your travels? San Saba is a great place to be. Our historic downtown has different boutiques including Switch and Sings My Soule. You will also find Harry’s Boots, which has been open since 1939 and has since expanded to five historic buildings in the heart of San Saba. Additionally, the J.C. Campbell & Co. Mercantile is kitty-corner to Harry’s, so stop in to see what their 20-plus vendors have to offer.



Wedding Oak Winery – San Saba

The Wedding Oak Winery is a wonderful spot in downtown San Saba to grab a glass of vino after a long day of travel. This quaint winery is named after the legendary Wedding Oak Tree, which sits right outside of San Saba. This tree isn’t just any beautiful oak tree – The story is that it was used as the backdrop of Native American wedding ceremonies.


The winery itself is right in historic downtown San Saba and offers wine tastings so you can try a handful of local wines. If you fall in love with one, you can pick up a few bottles to bring home after your trip. Many tourists prefer to end their days of shopping and wildflower excursions here.


Other Towns to See

Have a multi-day road trip in mind? Some other great towns near us are Llano, Burnet, and Lampasas. All are just a short drive from San Saba, so you can experience more of what the Hill Country has to offer. Book your stay soon, as San Saba and the towns surrounding us come alive in the Spring!