With one stoplight and 3,000 residents, San Saba might seem like a sleepy town. But this time of year you might just find that several of Santa’s elves are passing through that stop light!


San Saba is the pecan capital of the world. And, come holiday season, all of our famous pecan companies are working day and night to ship millions of pecans and treats. About 90 percent of pecan ordering happens in the last quarter of the year. So, you could say it’s just NUTS around here! 


Over at Alamo Pecan & Coffee, the team runs a tight sleigh around the holidays. 


“Our staff swells in from October to January. Normally, we’re about a 4-person operation, but once harvest rolls around, we become an even bigger family operation! We welcome-sometimes after a little begging and bribing-40 more family and friends to our ranks,” says owner Martha Leigh Whitten. “We’ve dubbed them the Alamo elves!”


“A typical day has the elves filling over 500 to 1,200 orders of corporate gift baskets with sweet and savory pecans, pecan coffee, pecan pies and candies for the holidays.” 


“There are only two ways we can make this work,” says general manager, Dora Miller. “The incredible dedication of the Alamo elves and reliable internet to handle the orders, stocking and shipping.” 


Rural internet options typically range from non-existent to spotty. But not here in San Saba. We’ve really been blessed with CTTC’s wide network of high speed fiber connectivity. It enables business operations the likes of which you’d expect in cities. In fact, across the board, the community finds CTTC service out-performs their city providers!


“Our Centex service handles high loads, and creates ease of organization that our elves need to fulfill everyone’s pecan dreams. We don’t have service outages or speed issues. And, honestly, when you have to worry about things like the UPS truck catching fire with an entire load of packaged orders inside – not having to worry about internet reliability is a huge relief.” 


Have you ordered your pecan pies and corporate gifts for the year?!?