One of the best things about small-town Texas life is having a tight-knit community to support each other. Our San Saba community is a network of friends and family – and they continually amaze us with their steadfastness and generosity. 


From rebuilding our grocery store in just a week after the Lowe’s burned down to feeding families in need – the past few months have highlighted how incredible our community is in challenging times. We are strong. We are capable. We are kind. And, when the going gets rough, we rise to the occasion – helping our neighbors in ways big and small. 


And, this year, our community pride is on display in a big way. Thanks to the sponsorship of San Sabans, our annual fireworks show will once again light up the sky on Independence Day. It’s a celebration from the people, to the people! 



The show must go on


Out of respect for our businesses that are struggling to make ends meet throughout COVID-19 closures and slowdowns, the city opted not to solicit sponsors for the annual event. But, upon hearing that the city planned to forgo the fireworks this year, Brother Tom Brand of The Father’s House approached the Ministerial Alliance to seek donations. 


“I gave Brother Sam Crosby a call and said that with all the strife and struggle happening across our great nation right now, this was a terrible year to miss the fireworks,” says Mr. Brand. “Right now, we need a positive unifier – something to celebrate our roots.”


So, Brother Tom Brand and Brother Sam Crosby established a donation fund by taking direct donations from their members. In less than a week, the Alliance collected enough money for the show to go on and the city gave the display the green light! 


San Saba is excited that our community preserved this event for us.  What’s better than the magic of fireworks on the fourth? It’s a night out of the house. A night to marvel at a sky ablaze with color and promise. A night to give blessings and hopefully move forward with just a little bit more faith that things will be okay because we are in this together.


Due to social distancing concerns, this year’s show will not include the traditional River City band concert. However, the City of San Saba will have the sound system playing the tribute to America on FM 88.7. 


We invite you to make an afternoon of it – enjoying a walk in the park and letting the kids cool off in the cool Mill Pond Waters. Pack a cooler and spread a blanket out for a front-row seat under the stars. Don’t forget our great restaurants will be open for takeout meals too! 


Celebrating Safely


To ensure the safety of our community, we urge folks to exercise respectful judgment. Mill Pond Park is open-air and has relatively low risk, but it is crucial to adhere to safety recommendations. Please continue practicing social distancing as you enjoy the evening, keeping a minimum of six feet between you and anyone not currently living in your home. Face coverings (like this American flag one) can show your pride and keep our community healthy as you move through the park. Also, bring along plenty of hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face. Playground equipment will remain closed. If you are feeling sick, please stay home and have a friend or relative FaceTime the display for you! 


A Texas-sized thank you to the individuals and businesses that made this event possible. 

God bless San Saba and God bless America.