We sure have been hearing a lot of bad news lately, folks. But today we are excited to share a tale of community giving and support! 

Along with the rest of the world, San Saba’s restaurants, wineries, and brewery have been struggling during the COVID-19 threat. But the community found a friend in Jesus “Juice” Rosales, owner of Juice’s Septic and Grease Pumping.  

As you’d expect with people being home more, Rosales’ business hasn’t taken a hit like many other industries. His work also keeps him on the road most of the day so he typically finds himself dining in our local restaurants, chatting with the friends he’s made dinner after dinner, lunch after lunch. So when COVID caused dining room closures, he worried about the fates of his friends who might be out of jobs. 

Juice and friends at Irwin Septic

“Business is busy with everyone at home,” says Rosales. “I was still going to the places I usually eat, but getting takeout. I noticed the woman who usually waits on me was gone – so I inquired. Turns out she’d been laid off. I am blessed to still have my business, but I see my friends losing their jobs and thought – how can I help?”

After he gave the puzzle a bit of thought, he came up with a win-win solution. 

“People need food. Elderly folks can drive, but it can be risky for them to go into the grocery. So maybe if they can drive to pick up meals, they can be safely fed and help out our restaurants. So, I decided to donate money so that restaurants could make food for the community to pick up.” 

Lasanga from Napoli’s Italian Grill

On April 6, 2020, Rosales donated money to buy meals for the community at Larry’s Corner Cafe. Though intended to help the elderly, any patrons that came to get food were given a free, hot meal. Every few days he’d pick another restaurant to benefit. Soon enough fellow San Sabans joined him in donating meals. His fellow pumpers also joined the effort and donations even came from as far as Austin and Carolina! They joined the owners of R&R fencing company, Martinez Trucking Company, Jose Landeros Mowing, and other individuals who all chipped in for the effort.

And what a delicious effort it was. Local favorites like Tacos Mi Casa and Commie’s Tacos provided tacos. Pepperbelly’s whipped up massive catfish plates with all the trimmings. Bar D served their great hamburgers, fries and a drink. Gage’s BBQ provided BBQ plates and Bread to Dough handed out boxed lunches. Napoli’s Italian Restaurant even gave a generous discount despite their own struggles just to help more people who might need food out. 

Crispy Taco Plate from Pepperbelly’s Mexican Restaurant

“It keeps our world turning around and our little town afloat, ” says Rosales. “It’s the people that are doing well in their business who want to help the businesses that are suffering so that we can all be a team.”

We are only as strong as our neighbors are kind, and this is a shining example of the strength and heart of San Saba! We are beyond blessed and so thankful to these thoughtful individuals who gave back to our community in such a big way. Thank you!