We are saying our prayers up here at the top of the Texas Hill Country. Thus far, San Saba has been lucky to report zero cases of COVID-19. To continue protecting our wonderful community, Mayor Ken Jordan has issued a shelter-in-place order for San Saba residents (watch his address here.) 

Rest assured that we are proactively working with county, regional and state health officials to keep our residents as safe as possible during this global outbreak. Our goal is to keep San Saba as healthy, and sane, as possible throughout this unprecedented situation.  



We know that social distancing sounds lonely and boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Think of it as physical distancing –  we are together in this and still have ways to be social and have fun! Luckily, most of us have an acre or two up here to roam around on. Nonetheless, with social distancing measures in place, we have some ideas for how to spend a few hours if you find yourself a bit stir if inside your barbed wire. 


Staying Safe, Social and Sane During Social Distancing in San Saba

Take a walk 


Getting outside for fresh air and exercise is an important component of maintaining our collective sanity. And it is totally fine to do! We’ve got lots of wide-open spaces to explore and now is the perfect time to slip on those walking shoes! In addition to having land to roam, we invested heavily in our outdoor spaces and parks over the past decade. Now, our parks are here for your pleasure! Stroll in the sun along the San Saba River Nature Park, have a picnic in Risien Park or make a few laps around the artisanal waters of Mill Pond Park. Maybe do a walking historic tour of San Saba (brochure available online here) or take a long walk to see the Wedding Oak Tree. If you fancy something strenuous, head down the road to hike at Colorado Bend State Park. (Here is a link to the temporary permitting system and FAQs on how state parks are keeping visitors healthy.) 



A few important reminders:

  • take care to maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and fellow walkers
  • keep in mind that all city park restrooms are currently closed
  • to protect our residents, playground equipment is also closed to the public  
  • avoid touching your face and surfaces including water fountains, benches, and other common-use surfaces
  • properly wash and sanitize hands and clothes often.

Hunter Gather 


San Saba is a hop, skip and a jump away from great fishing. Whether it’s your private pond or the San Saba River, fishing is a great way to spend the day. Pack up a cooler, get your boat or chairs ready and hit the water for some peace, relaxation and fresh air. 



You can also kill some time with a hunting escape. We are nearing turkey hunting season and are free to hunt rabbits year-round. Want a bigger challenge? Alligator season opened on April 1 and runs through June 30, 2020. What an addition to the mantle a ‘gator would make! 


The right time for romance 


Carving out date night might seem unnecessary given that you are now with your significant other 24/7. But it’s important to do it – just like allowing me time as needed. With this forced slow down, we’ve got the opportunity to really focus on dating each other again. Need some ideas?  Wine and dine her with a date night picnic. Spread a blanket out under the stars or at a prime scenic spot and reconnect over a lovely meal together. If you had to cancel upcoming travel plans on hold, make a plan to have dinner and take a virtual tour of a museum or world wonder. Take your mornings back with tasty breakfast pastries from Oliver & Co., coffee from Alamo Pecan, a mimosa or two and a crossword puzzle in bed. 

Non-communal tables


One of the cornerstones of our community is coming together for good food and drink. On any given afternoon, you can typically find San Saban’s mingling with visitors as they indulge in wine at our two wineries. We move along to Bar D for a cold one, then Digg’s for a ribeye. We’ll join together for long Sunday diners and meet for San Saba’s famous chicken fried steak for lunch. Luckily, we don’t have to give up our gatherings — we just need to adjust them. 



While we’d typically go to our wineries for happy hour, now we can pick up wine and an Oliver & Co. charcuterie curbside and set up a digital communal table. (More of a beer person? Get a growler of your favorite craft brew from Bar D Brewhouse.) Head home and toast to each other and our collective health virtually via Facetime, Google Hangouts or Zoom. Not a big drinker? No problem – make it tea or local coffee time and meet with your bible study or book club with the same tools! Here is a list of San Saba’s eat and drink-eries that are open for carryout. 

Bar D Brewhouse (takeout and curbside) 

Bread to Dough (drive-thru)

Commie’s Tacos (takeout) 

Gage’s BBQ (drive-thru) 

Larry’s Corner Cafe (takeout) 

Millican Pecan (limited entry)

Napoli’s Italian Restaurant (curbside) 

Oliver & Co. (takeout) 

Pepperbelly’s (takeout) 

Rick’s Bottle Barn (drive-thru) 

Wedding Oak Wine (curbside) 

Old Man Scary Cellar (contact for wine pickup) 

Game on

Grab barbecue from Gage’s or pizza from Napoli’s and organize a proper game night via Google hangouts. Families can play dominos, and board games like Monopoly, Yahtzee, Scrabble and more with friends via on Pogo. Move the poker game from Bar D to your respective kitchen tables with some Texas Hold’em via PokerStars.You can also play charades via FaceTime!  


Ranch-style Honey-do


We all know that the honey-do list of house and ranch work is never-ending. To some degree, we can appreciate the time that this slow down frees up so that we can start knocking out ranch work. Bonus, not only does it keep your mind occupied, but it counts as exercise! Though Harry’s Boots is closed, if you find yourself needing a new pair of work boots or tack supplies, you can give them a call at 325-372-3636 to coordinate contactless sales.


How are you passing the extra time at home? We would love to know! In the meantime, stay safe and healthy out there!