We’re excited to invite you to San Saba’s annual Night at the Museum event! This fun-filled, family-centric event is one of our community favorites each year! The evening blends San Saba traditions new and old with activities that are as educational as they are fascinating! Bring the buckeroos and join us as we bring to life the incredible history and stories of 1800s pioneer life.

The fun happens on Saturday, March 7, 2020 (from 4 pm – 7 pm) at one of the lesser-known San Saba gems – the San Saba County Historical Museum. Start your night with a museum tour where town history buffs will be on hand to share fun facts all evening. We’ll also have live music to tap your feet to in the fresh Hill Country air and fireworks to delight the whole family! What else can you expect? Here’s the good stuff.

Cowgirls & Indians

Did you know that San Saba has a rich Native American history? It’s true! These lands were originally home to the mighty Comanche tribe. While you might have heard of the historic Wedding Oak tree which was an ancient Indian marriage ceremony site, there are many more fascinating stories to share. This year, we’re featuring the formidable Comanche women and their role in conquering the plains of San Saba. 

Our mama’s mamas

It’s no secret that women make the town go ‘round. Us San Sabans come from a long line of strong, fearless women. So strong, they even manage to civilize and soften the roughest of necks around here. Not only did it take grit to make it on the frontier, but they also had their work cut out for them with the San Saba mafia. (Yep, we had a mafia at one point!!)

This year, we celebrate the original pioneer women who forged our community in the harsh, pitiless environment. We’ll turn time back and explore the lives and traditions that still enrich our town today.

Frontier Vittles

Make sure to come with an empty stomach because we’ll be serving up some of our prized down-home cooking. This year, the star of the Cowboy Camp Cookoff is our favorite dish – chicken fried steak.

Cooked over life campfire fires, just like the old days, the golden feast of goodness (served with all the fixins of course), is the stuff of cowboy dreams!

Cowboy Boot 101

Want to shine those snakeskin boots? We’ll do you one better. Get an insider’s scoop the materials and process behind making custom cowboy (and cowgirl)  boots. We can’t promise that you’ll be a master right away, but you might just learn how to give our famous western wear outfitter, Harry’s Boots, a run for their heels. 

Tickets are sold at several of our wonderful local stores, online or at the entrance. They are $10 for 11+ and $5 for kiddos under the age of 10 and all proceeds benefit the museum. We’re happy to welcome all the military free of charge. 


Looking forward to seeing you in Mill Pond Park for a fun family evening!