Where the Cows Come Home: Jordan Cattle Auction


San Saba is proud to be home to several independent businesses that add a great deal to our community. We have some great wineries and restaurants, charming home goods and gift shops, local shop and olive oil providers, several pecan companies, one of Texas’ largest boot companies and, also, one of the country’s largest auction houses. That’s right, all that in a town of 3,000.

As these businesses are part of the fabric of San Saba, we want to take a minute to highlight their contribution to our community.

Jordan Cattle Auction

Jordan Cattle Auction is one of the largest cattle auctions in the Southwest. A family business since 1973, the Jordan’s purchased the cattle auction in San Saba in 1985.

“We’ve been a family business right from the start and I think what is most lasting about this background is our approach to business,” says owner, Ken Jordan. “We still like to take business personally. We shake your hand. There is a lot of trust in the Jordan name and the Jordan team – just like there was in the 50’s.”

Jordan Cattle Auction hosts traditional weekly sales for cattlemen. They also host special sales for replacement females, feeder calves and yearlings as well as breeding bulls. In fact, Jordan Cattle actually pioneered the sale of premium, health-certified cattle. In addition to their live auctions, Jordan Cattle has enabled a digital sales pipeline that essentially brings people anywhere in the world onto the auction floor.

“We’ve been really lucky here in San Saba with high-speed fiber optics offered by the local provider, Central Texas Telecommunications,” says Jordan. “The capability of our internet speeds allow us let buyers – and sellers – near and far to take part in live auctions.”


Jordan Cattle Auction installed cameras in 2011 to facilitate digital sales to folks who were prohibited from traveling to live auctions because of severe drought conditions. Seven years later, Jordan Cattle has enabled anyone, from anywhere, in the world, to bid on cattle auctions — with almost no delay. That’s right. Buyers can stream the live auction through the camera network, seeing the auction and bidding in real time along with bidders in the auction house.

“During auction days, we have anywhere from 500-900 people participating in online sales,” says Jordan’s wife and co-owner, Kynda Jordan. “They are seeing and hearing the cattle and the ring just like they were in the room.”

The cattle auction isn’t the only thing that keeps the Jordan’s busy. They also own another high-traffic commerce center in town, the legendary Harry’s Boots. The family operation continues over here with daughter Karoline Jordan running the leather-scented helm. Though their storefront is a formidable five rooms, they also have a robust e-commerce platform. They credit the San Saba’s outstanding fiber optics with being able to expand the brand’s online presence while still providing the friendly, small-town customer service that they have become known for in the western world.

Jordan says that this ease of business in San Saba is a part of community mindset as much as reliable community services like high-speed broadband.

“Folks here are progressive. They understand that well-orchestrated changes benefit the entire town and it fuels widespread cooperation. The businesses here are typically working together and are in sync.”