Beating the Heat of San Saba Summers

Less than 20 days after the start of summer, we’re hitting the high 90s/low 100s up here at the top of the Texas Hill Country. It’s one of those double edge sword moments because summer is the perfect time for travel and, yet, the Texas sun shows no mercy. Never fear, folks, we have plenty of ways to stave off the heat of the afternoons around these parts. Here’s where we go when we want to beat the heat of San Saba summers. 

A Dose of Historic AC

Tour the Clocktower | If you have to be indoors, why not do something you won’t do every day? Like, visit a historical clock tower? The clock on the cupola of the San Saba County Courthouse downtown has been ticking since the day the courthouse opened. Tours are available by appointment, and meanwhile, you’ll have the pleasure of visiting a historic courthouse. Locals consider the San Saba County Courthouse, built in 1911, as the heart of the county. The building itself is a living representation of Texas Renaissance times and features the domed clock tower, ionic capitals, two-story columns, and the promise “From the people to the people” on its face.

San Saba County Historical Museum | San Saba’s rich history lives on at the [air-conditioned] San Saba County Historical Museum. The museum was reopened in 2015 after renovations were made possible by an LCRA grant and donations. A volunteer tour guide will be happy to help you cool off as they regale you with stories of San Saba’s past.


Shade and Swimming

Risien Park | Shaded by hundreds of pecan trees, strolling through Risien Park is doable in the mornings and around sunset. It’ll still be warm, but the canopy’s shade takes the edge off the blistering sun in a big way. Just make sure that you plan for a walk mid-morning or earlier or around sunset, leave the thick of the afternoon for indoor exploration.

Mill Pond Park | Texans know that the only effective method of surviving our hot summers is proximity to water. When you need to shake the four walls off in favor of the sun, head over to Mill Pond Park for a dip in the cool spring water. You can also rent kayaks or paddle boats to take out on the pond, jumping in anytime you need to cool off!

Shop Around

Harry’s Boots | Harry’s Boots offers five huge rooms of air-conditioned shopping. Browse their selection of western wear among the smell of leather permeating the air. Don’t worry. We won’t judge if you have a full on fashion show trying to find the perfect boot – picking just one pair of boots is just too hard.

JC Campbell & Co. Mercantile | JC Campbell & Co. Mercantile houses 13 vendors under one refurbished roof. Take your time browsing through their wares in the air conditioning. Not only can you beat the heat, but you can likely knock out your Christmas shopping early. Or get creative with a chalk painting class offered in store!

Drink Up 

Alamo Pecan & Coffee | Duck into Alamo Pecan & Coffee to sample pecan butter and flavored pecans as you wait for a fresh iced coffee. There’s no better way to cool off during San Saba summers than with a delicious cup of the uniquely rich Texas Pecan Coffee that the ladies of Alamo will whip up for you. Expect to find the ladies of Alamo as refreshing as their gourmet indulgence. Be sure to try some homemade fudge! 

Old Man Scary Cellars | Wine lovers can sip away entire afternoons at Old Man Scary Cellars one of our two award-winning wineries (the other, Wedding Oak Wine, is just two doors away). Enjoy a tasting, grab a bottle of the vintage that strikes your fancy and pull up a comfortable chair. Spend the afternoon indoors reading, chatting or enjoying charcuterie (bring your own or order one from Oliver & Co).

Bar D Brewhouse | Bar D offers between 6 and 10 craft brews to try, which means, you can spend an entire afternoon sippin’ cold beer and getting to know the locals. Take a deck of cards for some friendly competition and don’t forget that Fridays have all you can eat catfish to satisfy your cravings for Southern cookin’. There’s no reason to venture outdoors (unless you are off to explore another San Saba gem).